Wanha Satama, HELSINKI

2 Days
Talks / Panels / Workshops
Multiple Networking, Pitching & Matchmaking Sessions
Worldclass Speakers, Panelists, Facilitators & Investors

April 24-25, 2017
Innovations For Emerging Markets, Impact Solutions For The Entire World

Welcome To InnoFrugal 2017!

February 19, 2017 by Venkata Gandikota

Before we started the very first InnoFrugal conference in 2015, we envisioned on doing something that was lacking in Finland and the Nordics. A real grass-roots event that actually focuses on affordable solutions that was sorely needed for emerging markets. We also saw the need for such solutions in Finland and the developed world as well.

Lets go through a quick review on what we wanted to accomplish from Day 1 of the start of our non-profit, The Nordic Frugal Innovation Society:

  • Don’t be bound by conventional thinking and definitions of what affordable solutions should look like and whom they should be addressed towards!
  • Engage public and private sector from the beginning with a systems level focus.
  • Be inclusive with regards to all the feedback we get and get better.
  • Be “Frugal” in not just preaching what others should do but also how we conduct as an organisation ourselves. This is very critical because everyone observes if we are doing what we are asking others to do!
  • Showcase and help co-create solutions that are Frugal, meaning solutions that have a combination of
    • Good quality
    • Affordability (1/2 – 1/10th cost of the existing alternative)
    • Accessibility
    • Sustainability (not just business model but also environmental)
  • Showcase the need for such solutions across all sectors and industry verticals across emerging markets and developed countries.
  • Educate that in the era of slow/jobless growth, long term unemployed, deleveraging, ageing societies there will be increasing need for Frugal solutions in the developed world as well.
  • Show to the solution providers that they need to differentiate between NEED vs WANT when designing their solutions.
  • Encourage all attendees including the speakers to really get out of their comfort zones. By this I mean encourage them to listen to talks that are outside of their own focus and expertise. For example, if one’s expertise is in healthcare, encourage them to also listen and network with people with expertise in circular economy or social enterprise or engineering and manufacturing etc. This way they can get new ideas and solutions that can be applied to the problems they are solving in their core area of expertise as well!
  • Getting to this Frugal solutions needs a new mindset and if they create those solutions, they will be acquiring some unique skillsets that will set them apart from their competitors.

Slowly but surely we are growing and we aim to get 400 attendees in 2017! As of today we already have about 150 registrations and we are well on our way to achieve our target!



The very first InnoFrugal conference in 2015 had talks and panel discussions. In the 2nd edition in 2016 we added workshops.

Now in 2017 in addition to the above, we are bringing more value to the attendees by incorporating

More info on the matchmaking app and the startup pitching will be released in the coming days and weeks.

There will be 6 exclusive tracks over the course of 2 days:

  • Healthcare
  • Circular Economy & Sustainability
  • Design, Strategy & Technology
  • Social Enterprise
  • Research & Innovation

Workshops with experts will be facilitated on Day 1 by

  • Biodesign India in Healthcare
  • TUT Fablab
  • Industryhack

Bookmark the Agenda page and the Speakers & Investors page for future reference.

We wish you all a warm welcome to Helsinki and for the InnoFrugal 2017 conference!