MAY 10 -11, 2023 HELSINKI

Welcome and join our 9th annual InnoFrugal Conference

A conference on Frugal Innovation & Impact Investing

Special Focus: AI For Impact, Circular Economy, Open Innovation

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Access to good quality, affordable solutions is a necessity in today’s economy, as inflation, and stagnant wages create financial strain on individuals and businesses.

Frugal innovation is also key in the fight against climate change! By creating resource-efficient solutions that are affordable, and sustainable, we can reduce emissions and protect our planet for future generations. 

We are seeing new technologies and innovations pave the way for low cost solutions that make a difference. In sectors as diverse as renewable energy, medical technologies, health and well being, fintech, housing,  appliances, and consumer goods, these advancements offer affordable solutions, while creating new opportunities for growth and sustainability.

Furthermore, affordable solutions can promote economic growth by increasing consumer spending and creating job opportunities.

Learn how Businesses, Investors, Nonprofits, and Governments can come together in creating a more inclusive society.

Speaker Recommendations

At InnoFrugal 2023 our program agenda will focus on leveraging AI For Impact, Circular Economy, Open Innovation, and Impact Investing to look at how we can deliver the UN Sustainable Development Goals to create a sustainable and inclusive future for all.

If you or anyone you know are experts in these fields and would like to share your latest insights on stage, we are happy to hear from you. We are accepting submissions till April 5, 2023. We shall deliver our response by April 10, 2023. Reach out to us via this Google Form button below.


InnoFrugal is a non-profit conference focusing on impact investing and frugal innovations.

First held in 2014, we are a global conference that focuses on Delivering Impact by engaging investors, startups, public & private sector actors, and non-profits to realize the UN SDGs. The program is designed around talks, panels, matchmaking, networking, and a startup pitching contest.


May 10 – 11, 2023

May 10 – Frugal Innovation Day:

Inspiring and thought-provoking keynotes, talks, and panel discussions on how

– Artificial Intelligence,

– Circular Economy, and

– Open Innovation

lead to impactful frugal innovations and creating a more inclusive and sustainable world.

Highlight Panel – Horizon 2020 EU funded FRANCIS project on how Bosch Siemens (BSH) and Helioz are using open innovation to create frugal innovations and an affordable solution portfolio

May 11 – Impact Investment Day:

– Impact investment keynote, talks, panels, and

– an Impact Startup Pitching Contest.

The Top3 startups of the pitching contest will get coaching packages and the winner will get a 500€ grant.


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