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10:00 - 17:00


10:00 – 10:10 

Welcome remarks by InnoFrugal founders Venkata Gandikota, Antti Öhrling & Jukka Kallioinen



10:10 – 10:35 

Keynote by Francesca Spoerry, Head of Knowledge Development at the The Global Steering Group for Impact Investment (GSG)



SDG’s since Covid: Progress or deterioration? 

This talk discusses the progress on the SDG’s since covid – including where there is hope for greater positive change, and why the time has never been more suited for global collaboration. 



10:35 – 11:00 

Keynote by Abhay Adhikari, Founder, Digital Identities

How to tell powerful stories about the world’s boring problems.
Using examples from different sectors, Abhay suggests that it’s time we give up our addiction to disruption and embrace the beauty of small steps.

India parallel track


11:00 – 11:10 


Funding for commercial projects in Developing Countries


Talk by Nikke Karjalainen (Programme Officer, Finnpartnership) 



11:10 -11:55 

Panel – Doing business in India during Covid19 and beyondchallenges and opportunities



Moderated by Venkata Gandikota ( InnoFrugal)

Panel discussion with Dr Anita Gupta (DST, Govt of India), Dr Badri Narayanan Gopalakrishnan (Economist, Uni of Washington-Seattle), Rajesh Mehta (Founder- Entry India), Päivi Korhonen (Owner – PGDE Europe)


11:55 – 12:30 

Panel – Digital entrepreneurship in India post-corona – high potential opportunities for Nordic change-makers?

The Covid-19 crises is propelling digital transformation in India. What are the new-normal needs? Which new opportunities has emerged? Where are the soft-spots for Nordic entrepreneurs with innovative digital platforms? Is India a good match for Nordic entrepreneurs on a mission to both make impact and profit with green digital solutions?
Panel discussion moderated by Trond Skundberg (Management Consultant, Nordic Advisors India and GM in Norway India Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


Panel members are Rajat Yadav (Investment specialist, Invest India. Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India); Cecilia Oldne ( Head Innovation in Sweden India Business Council); Kunal Singla (Founder of COBO Consult)



Africa parallel track


11:00 – 11:35 

Fingo Powerbank panel – The role of SDGs in impact investing :how impact investors are collectively driving results and how the results align to the SDGs


Panel moderated by Mika Välitalo (Advisor, Innovation and Development, Fingo Powerbank).


Panel members are Jukka-Pekka Kärkkäinen (CEO- FCA Investments Ltd, a subsidiary of Finn Church Aid); Teemu Seppälä (Senior Business Advisor, Helsinki Business Hub); Venla Vuotilainen (Senior Advisor, Development Policy, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland)



11:35 -12:10 

Think Africa panel – The good, the bad, and the ugly of impact investing in Africa


Panel moderated by Gilbert Gwe (Think Africa). Panel members are Tatsuro Shimada (Serial entrepreneur and Angel Investor) and Duncan Goldie-Scot (Impact Investor, African Diaspora Network)


12:10 – 12:40 

Oxygen 2050 and Ambitious Africa Panel


Moderated by Jari Ala-Ruona (CEO – Aionsigma)

Panel members are Temitayo Ada-Peters (WeForGood); Jane Nakasamu (Greenbelt Energy); Nelly Nyirenda (Nelvir Consult); Pasi Joronen (Oxygen 2050)


12:40 – 12:45

Funding for commercial projects in Developing Countries


Talk by Nikke Karjalainen (Programme Officer, Finnpartnership)

Circular economy parallel track


12:30 – 12:45 

Circular Fashion keynote “Opportunities and challenges of Sustainable Digitalization” 


Keynote by Evelyn Mora (Founder of Helsinki Fashion Week and the internet company DIGITAL VILLAGE)



12:45 – 13:00 

Creating a new wave of solar entrepreneurs 

Talk by Eva Wissenz (Co-founder, Solar Fire Concentration)


13:00 – 13:40 

When #FrugalMeetsCircular during the pandemic – Circular Economy and Frugal Innovations

Panel discussion led by Piyush Dhawan (Co-Founder at The Circular Collective | TEDx Speaker)


Panel members are  Vaibhav Chabbra (Founder and Chief Learning Officer at Maker’s Asylum); Malena Sell-Myllyoja (Senior Specialist, Circular Economy at Sitra); Edwin Zu-Cudjoe (Executive Director at Social Enterprise Ghana); Dr Rajnish Tiwari (Senior Research Fellow and Program Leader at the Institute of Technology and Innovation Management (TIM) of Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH)); Dr Duncan McLaren (Practice and Research Fellow at Lancaster University and a visiting researcher at Linköping University, Sweden)

Business, R&D parallel track


12:45 – 13:20 

Frugal Innovation UK & US perspective panel discussion– 


Moderated by Prof Jaideep Prabhu (Cambridge University Judge Business School)


Panel members – Joseph Olassa (Founder- Nuivio Ventures and Ignitho), and Mel Joseph (Founder and Managing Director- Mente UK)



13:20 – 13:55 

Frugal innovation and Citizen science in Europe panel discussion 


Moderated by Venkata Gandikota (InnoFrugal)


Panel members – Liza Wohlfart (Fraunhofer IAO), Tina Klages (Fraunhofer IRB), Andreas Orgeldinger (Agorize), Giovanna Sanchez Nieminen  (VTT Finland), Nida Broughton (Behavioural Insights Team)



13:55 – 14:30 

Frugal health technologies – panel discussion on affordable healthtech and ventilators during Covid 19



Moderated by Venkata Gandikota (InnoFrugal)


Panel members – Maria Lima Toivanen (Senior Scientist, VTT Finland), Prof Sergio Shimura (Professor, Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of São Paulo IFSP); Pedro Figueroa (Co-Founder & President- DiploCientifica)

13:45 - 14:45
Impact startups pitching contest


Impact investing track



14:45 – 15:10 

State of Nordic Impact – Impact start-ups are new ventures that are making a positive social and environmental impact, alongside financial returns. This report shares selected facts about Impact start-ups in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.


Keynote by Mikkel Skott Olsen (Head of The Hub and +impact, Danske Bank).


15:10 – 15:25 


Myplanet.green – A foundation to support wildlife and nature conservation work 


Talk by Antti Saarnio (Founder -My Planet,Zippie and Jolla)


15:25 – 16:00 

Challenges and opportunities for impact investors in reaching SDG’s


Panel co-hosted Martijn Blom (EVPA) and Meri Helleranta (Rising Tide, Hack Fund V & EBAN Impact)


Panel members include Hanna Ideström (Senior Portfolio manager, Alternative Investments team, Sweden’s AP4 Pension Fund), Jaime Vera Calonje (Senior Investment Manager, European Investment Fund), and Espen Daae (Portfolio Manager, Ferd)


Closing session


16:00 – 16:10 

Startup pitching contest winner announcement & Closing Remarks