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How to organise a Local Innofrugal event

Are you interested in making an impact? Are you passionate about frugal innovation? Do you want to change the future of your community with an impactful event on ecosystems and innovative business models?

The Judge Business School at Cambridge University together with Ignitho have organized InnoFrugal UK since 2018. Check it out here

The Fraunhofer research institutes from Germany have organized InnoFrugal DE in 2019. Check it out here;

Become the innovator of today and arrange your local Innofrugal event


Frugal Innovation is a concept that challenges businesses to disregard the limitations in financial, material or institutional resources and to turn these constraints into innovative ideas and practical solutions.

In Finland we have been organizing the frugal conference since 2014 and local events have also been held at The Cambridge Judge Business School & Stuttgart with Fraunhofer.

A local event joins the public and private sector as well as civil society organisations to co-create frugal innovations and create impact in the ecosystem. A frugal innovation conference is a one- or two day event in which you can listen to interesting presentations, network,  participate in workshops and in the pitch contest. You can also organise smaller events (less than 100 participants) for different target groups i.e. youth, businesses, students etc.

We have several years of experience in organising events and are happy to provide help in organising your local event. It can be a full conference, a university, company youth or senior event – the kind of event your community will benefit from.


How to organise a frugal
innovation and impact event


Create the preliminary event program for a 1 or 2 day event. Make a preliminary plan for the topic. You can already have an idea of the budget, potential sponsors and speakers, but nothing has to be definite yet.

  1. Send us the preliminary program for the event with the enclosed google form
  2. After approval you will receive confirmation to go ahead
  3. Recruit a team. – volunteers, interns, people who want to get involved in the project
  4. Confirm your speakers.
  5. Find sponsors
  6. Promote your event
  7. Document the event with photographs, videos or /and webcast your event. The videos of the recording should be available for public consumption i.e. youtube, the Innofrugal website etc.
  8. Collect feedback from the attendees
Event Guidelines

We are glad to offer our support in helping you to organise your event.

After confirmation, you will receive guidelines for the event.  You can create your own webpage for the event or integrate it into your own website.

Events/conferences should be affordable and non-profit. The dress code is anything from casual to business professional attire. 

For additional information please contact us at